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Become a New York Pass Affiliate and earn 6% on each sale you refer!

A trusted brand

New York Pass is the most developed City Sightseeing Pass in the world. It is run by the Leisure Pass Group North America – a tourism specialist in creating and managing city smart card pass systems.

Earn great commissions

Last year alone New York attracted over 50 million visitors, leaving plenty of opportunity for you to help us make more sales. We offer a 6% commission on every sale. Our average transaction value is $450 so the potential commissions are great.

Add value to your site

You can choose from a wide variety of easy-to-add banners and text links. All you need to do is copy and paste the code onto your site and then you are ready to start making money. To increase sales conversion, we recommend that you include information about New York and what the New York Pass offers on your website as with any tourism product, our customers like to do their research before buying a New York Pass so if you tell them all they want to know upfront, they’re more likely to buy there and then

We set 45-day cookies

Whenever you send a visitor to our site - we set a cookie. So even if they don't purchase immediately you can still earn cash- even if they come back up to 45 days later.

Quick and easy revenue

New York Pass handles all the customer service, sales, and shipping; all you do is send us customers and we do the rest.

Trusted third-party tracking with Partnerize

Partnerize monitors your traffic and provides reports, so you can check your earnings in real-time, anytime. You can also set up the way in which you wish to be paid. If you have a website and/or send newsletters you can be an affiliate.

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Os planos mudaram? Com o The New York Pass você não fica a ver navios. Todos os passes não ativados são elegíveis para reembolso em até 365 dias a partir da data de compra.

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