Things to Do in NYC Under 21 on Vacation

By Casey Makovich

For anyone that’s ever seen a movie or TV show based in New York City, one of the coolest things about “The City That Never Sleeps” seems to be the legendary nightlife, but don't be fooled; there's plenty of things to do under 21 in NYC.

10 Amazing Things to Do in NYC Under 21 on Vacation

What are you supposed to do if you want to have the full NYC tourist experience but you’re under 21? Luckily, New York City is a culturally diverse and welcoming city with fun for tourists and visitors of all ages. So while it may seem like you have to miss out on some of the nightlife action, there’s plenty for you to see and do in the city, you won't even miss it!

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Free entry to many of these popular New York attractions and activities are included on The New York Pass®. Used by over 3.5 million travelers, the New York Pass is the ultimate sightseeing pass, which includes admission to 90+ attractions, Fast Track Entry at select attractions, a free guidebook, & much more. Learn more about the New York Pass benefits & how to save up to 70% off attractions.

1. Big Bus New York


There are few better ways to get to know the city of New York than with the fully guided, comprehensive sightseeing Big Bus New York Hop-On Hop-Off Tour! This is the perfect start to any trip to The Big Apple because you’ll have access to all of the tops sights and iconic landmarks throughout the city. Your friendly and knowledgeable tour guide will be there to fill you in on all the rich history of NYC and make sure you’re ready to get out and explore. Getting in: Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tour tickets are included with The New York Pass.

2. Central Park Bike Tours


Central Park is one of the true jewels of NYC and home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the US. This expansive park has lakes, sculptures, food, live performers and more. So what’s the best way to explore it all? On a bike of course! Choose from a comprehensive guided bike tour or rent a bike for yourself and head out on your own little adventure. Either way, you’re sure to marvel at all the different sights and sounds. Getting in: Central Park Bike Tour tickets and rentals are included with The New York Pass.

3. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Immigration Museum


Visit one of the most recognizable and beloved landmarks in the US with a trip out to Ellis Island. The Statue of Liberty has represented freedom and hope for millions of Americans for decades and is one sight that shouldn't be missed on your trip to NYC. With breathtaking sights and a rich history that will leave you full of hope and awe, this iconic New York City tourist stop will be one to remember. Getting in: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Immigration Museum and ferry tickets are included on The New York Pass. Please note: tickets for access to the pedestal and crown levels in the Statue of Liberty are sold separately and require advanced reservations. You will not be granted admission with The New York Pass.

4. American Museum of Natural History

This is one of the largest and most interesting natural history museums in the country, if not the world! With a gigantic collection of artifacts and exhibits that will transport you to new worlds, it’s easy to spend an entire day hanging out and learning at the American Museum of Natural History. Whether you’re into animals, plants or different time periods in human history –this museum has it all. Getting in: American Museum of Natural History tickets are included on The New York Pass.

5. New York Transit Museum


Have you ever wondered just how New York City’s famous underground mass transit system was developed? Take a trip to Brooklyn Heights to get a closer look at just how the NYC subway was planned and built. With a series of interactive exhibitions and installations, you can see just how the Metropolitan Transit Authority has grown over the years and get a first-hand look at how the trains work. Getting in: New York Transit Museum tickets are included on The New York Pass.

6. The Empire State Building


Take in one of the most breathtaking views of New York City from the observation deck of the iconic and historic Empire State Building. With 360 degree panoramic views of the city, you can get an up-close look at the most famous landmarks in the state and take plenty of snaps of the skyline too! Getting in: Empire State Building tickets are included on the New York Pass.

7. Madame Tussauds New York


Who doesn’t want to take a few selfies with their favorite Hollywood stars in NYC? While you may be able to spot a few famous faces in Manhattan, the best place to get a great snap with your favorite stars is at Madame Tussauds New York. This fun and interactive museum is located in the heart of Times Square and is a guaranteed good time for all. Getting in: Madame Tussauds New York tickets are included with The New York Pass.

8. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


If you’re interested in modern art, then the Guggenheim Museum is one stop that you have to make during your trip to NYC. Featuring some of the 20th century’s finest art pieces and collections, you’ll love spending an afternoon exploring here. In fact, this museum is beautiful inside and out, making it a great spot for a photo op! Getting in: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum tickets are included with The New York Pass (plus Fast Track Entry!).

9. Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour


While New York City has plenty of iconic landmarks, one of the most interesting and beautiful has to be the Brooklyn Bridge. With a rich history and gorgeous design, this tour is sure to keep you enthralled from beginning to end. Highlights of this tour include the Brooklyn Bridge, unique views of the Statue of Liberty, and the New York Stock Exchange. Getting in: Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour tickets are included with The New York Pass.

10. Rockefeller Center Tour

Get to know the history behind one of the city’s most beloved landmarks and enjoy some insight into the mind of John D. Rockefeller Jr. with this fun and interesting guided tour. Get to know the historic Rockefeller Center as well as the surrounding streets to get a feel for one little piece about what life in NYC is all about. Getting in: Rockefeller Center Tour tickets are included with The New York Pass.

Fall in Love with New York City at Any Age

While you may not be able to head out to the city’s hottest nightclubs during your visit if you’re under 21, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an amazing time getting to know The Big Apple a little better. With great museums, amazing food and so many wonderful landmarks to explore, there are tons of things to do in NYC under 21. Don’t let being underage keep you from enjoying a fabulous and memorable trip to New York City! Instead, take the city by storm and be sure to check out one or more of these fun activities.

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To visit the above attractions all on one pass choose a New York Pass. The more you do, the more you save!

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How to Get Your Poetry Fix in New York

February 25, 2020 Into every life a little poetry should fall. If you're looking to write it, hear it, discuss it, or even look at art exhibits about it, New York is the place to be. We've got the ways for you to get your poetry fix in New York. The Poetry Society of New York First, if you’ve participated in a poetry-themed event in New York, chances are the Poetry Society had something to do with it. Dedicated to promoting poetry within the culture, they offer numerous poetry-themed events. These include a poetry festival on Governor’s Island the last weekend in July and The Poetry Brothel, an immersive literary cabaret. They also offer student workshops and micro-residencies, which give working poets small blocks of time to write. Plus, there's the Typewriter Project, which installs vintage typewriters at different sites around the city. Participants can write, read, and comment upon online poetry. They also have their own press, dedicated to publishing both poems and visual art. And they’re perhaps best known for Poetry in Motion—a partnership with MTA Arts and Design. It combines poetry with visual art in posters in subways cars and digital screen in subway platforms. If you see or participate in some form of poetry in New York, you’ve probably been involved with the Poetry Society. One way to get your poetry fix in New York! [caption id="attachment_3953" align="alignnone" width="649"] Credit: MTA Arts and Design[/caption] Poets House Next, if you want more of a library-type feel, Poets House is a national poetry library and literary center. It offers one of the most comprehensive independent poetry collections in the country. Poets House houses more than 70,000 poetry books and related collections. They also offer workshops, conversations, and exhibitions. Workshops range from the straightforward: “Dream Work/Poem Work,” to the more complicated: “Poetics of Terror: Visceral Performance & Cyborg/Trans Poetics.” Exhibits tend to focus on books, manuscripts, and artwork that illuminate the relationship between poetry and visual arts. And if you want to listen and not necessarily write, upcoming workshops include “Tuesday Talk: Nature in Poetry with Bob Holman" (April 21). It celebrates Earth Day with a screening, discussions, and readings that look at endangered languages and endangered species. Nuyorican Poets Café Another way to get your poetry fix in New York? A multicultural, multi arts institution, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe is best known for its open mic events. Those events are mostly known for poetry and music--often jazz and hip hop. However, comics and storytellers also appear. The Café offers a voice for rising poets, musicians, actors and filmmakers. Founded in 1973 by Miguel Algarin as a salon in the East Village, it gave a voice to artists who weren't being represented by mainstream industries. The cafe is also known for its poetry slam. It offered the first one in New York in 1989, and two slam events are now held each week. And huzzah! Those who advance far enough get to participate in the National Poetry Slam. Bowery Poetry Bowery Poetry also offers poetry open mic nights, which include some bilingual nights. They also offer workshops like “Writing with Attitude,” a free creative writing workshop that operates like a college workshop. It includes discussions and participants commenting on each other’s work. At the end of the year, LUNA, a themed literary magazine of the participants' work, is published. And musicians--they also offer songwriting and a musical showcase. The Poetry Project And finally, founded more than 50 years ago, The Poetry Project was an offshoot of coffeehouses that held readings on New York’s Lower East Side. Today, it promotes contemporary poetry through readings, workshops, a newsletter, and a literary magazine. It also offers internships, fellowships and archives. They’re well-known for their annual New Year’s Day marathon reading. Luminaries such as Philip Glass, Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith and Yoko Ono all appeared there. Before literary fame flashes though your mind: It’s invitation only. But don't despair: They always need volunteers.
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Food on Foot Tours: A Traveler's Guide

The famous Artichoke Basille's Pizza [spacer height="20px"] New York is known to be a melting pot of all sorts of individuals from around the world. Different walks of life have brought varying styles to the city and with such a wide spectrum of culture, comes an array of tastes. Seemingly on almost every block in the city you can find a great local restaurant offering dishes that may not be native to New York but the natives still love them. The Food on Foot Tours offers an in-depth look into some of the communities in New York where you can find some of the best dishes from around the world. Not only do tour participants get an idea of where to find some of these mouth-watering meals, but they also get to learn about the cultures that produce them. Some of the guided tours offered will travel through the East Village, Midtown, Brooklyn and many other food-centric NYC neighborhoods. This allows visitors to become more familiar with areas outside of the usual Manhattan attractions. Another great feature of the Food on Foot tours is the fact that they offer the vegetarian option for tourists who do not eat meat. The Food on Foot Tours are not like other food tours in New York City. You get to eat real food (not just samples) with your tour guide, Corey, who's expertise in local cuisine is unmatched. You will eat food like a real New Yorker, at the restaurants most beloved by locals. Along the way you will try some of New York's best pizza, tacos, sweets, street food and get a really good idea why New York is such a popular foodie destination. You can take the Food on Foot tour for free with your New York Pass, but don't forget to book ahead of time, as these tours are popular and tend to fill up. New York Pass holders are able to reserve Food on Foot Tours for free. How to Book In order to book your reservation for a Food on Foot Tour, you'll need to visit Once you're on the website, you can click the red box that reads "Click Here : Purchase all Guided Tour & Pass Holder Tickets". From there you will be directed to a calendar where you will select the specific tour that you are looking to reserve. Select the date for the tour and click the bar with the >> to confirm. This will bring up a box for you to schedule the amount of tickets. You're going to enter the amount of people going on the tour in the 'Gold Tickets' drop down. When asked "Will you be using Gold Tickets?" select Yes. From there, you will be prompted to enter your name. In the "Do you have a promo code?" section, enter NYPFoodFun. Under "What type of pass do you have?" select NY Pass. The next box will ask you for your pass number/confirmation number. You can get your pass number from the physical New York Pass card. It will be a nine digit number on the bottom left of your pass. If you don't have your passes yet, you can use your order confirmation number (starts with NYP). You will need to click on the NY Pass holder agreement At the bottom of the page, you will be prompted to enter your contact information as well as your card information (Don't worry, you will not be charged, unless you fail to show up for the tour). To finish off your reservation, you can simply click the "Complete your Booking" button all the way at the bottom. Once you're done booking, make sure you show up for the tour at the specified location and enjoy your tour. For other walking tours and attractions you can visit with your New York Pass, visiw our website.
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