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By Shashia Mitchell


Have you ever wondered how all those TV shows, Concerts and Sporting Events become reality? Would you like to visit the Radio City Music Hall, the world-famous Madison Square Garden or even the NBC Studio? Now you can with our New York City tours & walks!

New York Pass City Tours will take you behind the scenes for free. You will hear the insider stories and learn how the magic happens, you will meet one of the world-famous Rockettes, you might even catch a glimpse of a pre-production show and cross paths with a famous NBC personality.

So why not to take a New York City tour to all of those places? You just go, enjoy the magic and take some great photos, the New York Pass will get you in & will make sure you won’t spend too much time in the ticket lines

Places where you can benefit with The New York Pass®

Big Bus Tours - Hop-on Hop-off Tours

The open-top Big Bus sightseeing tour is the most enjoyable and convenient way to see New York! You’ll see famous landmarks such as the iconic Empire State Building to the new One World Trade Center. Tickets are valid for 1 day with your New York Pass.

Brooklyn Bridge Sightseeing Walking Tour

Come see the beauty and history of lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge at an easy pace with one of New York’s best tour guides.

Carnegie Hall Tours

Share the magic of this world-famous concert hall and discover the century-old musical legacy left by the world's greatest artists

Central Park Sightseeing Walking Tour

Our tours, depart daily for a two-hour excursion through the rich foliage, historic buildings, landmarks and cultural history of Central Park.

Grand Central Terminal Audio Tour

In 1913, Cornelius Vanderbilt created a colossal, 49-acre “city within a city” of concrete, steel, and limestone called Grand Central Terminal

Madison Square Garden, All Access Tour

Celebrate Madison Square Garden’s Transformation and be a part of New York’s Next Defining Moment.

On Location Tours When Harry Met Seinfeld Bus Tour

Take a unique bus tour past the doorsteps of your favorite TV and movie characters on our popular When Harry Met Seinfeld Bus Tour.

Radio City Music Hall Stage Door Tour

GET AN INSIDERS VIEW of New York’s premier entertainment venue, where the biggest names in show business perform.

Rockefeller Center Tour

Discover the brilliant history behind the art, design and architecture of Rockefeller Center with the Rockefeller Center Tour!

The Ride

THE RIDE is the hit interactive entertainment experience that has taken New York City by storm!

Yankee Stadium ToursExperience the legendary Yankee Stadium by taking the ultimate behind-the-scenes tour.

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Best New York City Cruises

This summer has brought us some pretty insufferable heat. And while it's supposed to get milder, there's still plenty of time to enjoy a refreshing breeze and a cold cocktail on one of NYC's finest cruises. Circle Line Sightseeing [caption id="attachment_776" align="aligncenter" width="801"] Circle Line Sightseeing under the Brooklyn Bridge[/caption] [spacer height="20px"] New York's quintessential cruise company, Circle Line Sightseeing, operating out of 42nd Street's pier 83 offers a variety of exciting sightseeing cruises. From the thrilling speedy Beast Speedboat ride to the 3-hour Best of NYC cruise that takes you around the entire island, there's plenty to choose from for everybody. Try the popular Harbor Lights Cruise for amazing evening-time views or the new Hello Brooklyn Tour for a closer look at the up-and-coming borough. Clipper City Tall Ship [caption id="attachment_777" align="aligncenter" width="801"] Clipper City Tall Ship[/caption] [spacer height="20px"] This lovely, vintage sail boat takes you on a serene, 90 minute ride around the Statue of Liberty, offering spectacular views of the Downtown Manhattan skyline and up-close views of the statue. The boat is equipped with a bar and the staff recruits some lucky passengers to help pull the ropes and steer the rudder. The tour is not narrated, which gives you opportunity to have a quiet afternoon at sea, contemplating. Clipper City departs at 2:15pm and 4:30pm for daytime sails and at 9:30pm for night time sail. Shearwater Classic Schooner [caption id="attachment_778" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Shearwater Classic Schooner at Sunset[/caption] [spacer height="20px"] A second sail cruise offered by Manhattan by Sail (operator of Clipper City) is a true winner. The Gatsby-era schooner offers a serene, breezy sail will make you feel like a million bucks while you enjoy the waves, the wind and a refreshing beverage on the 82 foot double-masted yacht. The Daytime Statue Sail departs at 12:30pm and 2:45pm Monday-Friday. New York Water Taxi [caption id="attachment_779" align="aligncenter" width="800"] New York Water Taxi[/caption] [spacer height="20px"] New York City taxi cab, in water. Enough said. In case you need more, New York Water Taxi makes three stops along the coast of Manhattan and two in Brooklyn. There's simply no better way to cross the river, or get Downtown from Hell's Kitchen than on a boat. With the New York Pass, you get a free All Day Access Pass to enjoy seamless commuting in style. Spirit Cruises [caption id="attachment_780" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Spirit Dinner Cruise[/caption] [spacer height="20px"] Whether you want to impress your significant other with a romantic dinner, or some clients with a spectacular power lunch, Spirit Cruises has you covered. The luxury yacht departs from Chelsea Piers and will take you around Downtown Manhattan, which will dazzle you with majestic skyscrapers making up the amazing skyline view. The New York Pass offers $10 off dinner cruises and $5 off lunch cruises. [spacer height="20px"] For other cruises, tours and attractions, please visit the New York Pass Website.
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What to do in Dry January

If you’re abstaining from alcohol in January (or even February or March), you still need fun stuff to do. And yes, plenty of fun, alcohol-less stuff does exist. You just need to think outside of the box/liquor bottle. Or box of liquor bottles. Our first tip? Don’t think of it as Dry January. Think of of it as Fun January, just without the liquor. Here's what to do in Dry January. Reunion in Brooklyn First up, breakfast! Head to Reunion in Brooklyn; it’s on UNION Avenue in Williamsburg, so that’s cute. It’s an Israeli Café with a cozy vibe, and sidewalk seating when the weather is, you know, not the next four months. Order the Yemenite Pancake, which is fried dough with tahini and a soft-boiled egg. Or maybe the schnitzel on challah, partly because it’s just really fun to say. Get yourself a pomegranate juice and a latte, and you won’t even miss the Mimosa. Robotic Church Ok, you need a distraction. Something different, something new. You need to visit the Robotic Church in Brooklyn. Yes, that's a real thing. Formerly the Norwegian Seaman’s Church, the space is now host to a series of kinetic robots arrayed throughout the entire building. And we do mean entire--they’re on the walls, on the floor, peering over a catwalk. They range from one foot to more than 15, and each one has a task that produces a particular noise, sometimes all at once. Visiting will provide not just an experience, but a story that will see you through Dry January and many days to come. abcv Looking for a bar experience without the bar tab and the bar drinks? Check out abcv, Jean George’s plant-based, largely organic bar and restaurant. Never fear—mocktails and juice-based concoctions abound. Try a cold-pressed organic juice, like the turmeric elixir, with turmeric, local honey, lime, and Himalayan sea salt. Or maybe a shake with pears, coconut, and bee pollen. They also offer homemade sodas and organic iced teas. You can also get actual food, like mushroom walnut bolognese, or sauteed leafy greens. Our favorite category? “Brunch’s dessert.” Try the chocolate mousse parfait. Outsider Art Fair Not drinking? Look at some art! The Outsider Art Fair takes place in January at the Metropolitan Pavilion (other versions take place in other locales around the world), and it’s the time to attend a variety of exhibits from artists who are outside of the mainstream, Exhibits include “Relishing the Raw,” in which contemporary artists display works from their own collections, and “Bogus Cinderellas,” a show about postage stamps that display often fictitious places. You’ll also find talks and special projects, so call up that ”Art History 101” knowledge and check it out this dry January. Wave-Field, Variation O From now through March 31, you can get different kind of buzz—head to Wave-Field, Variation O, a series of glowing, interactive see-saws at Pier 17 next to Seaport Square. Yes, you read that correctly. The exhibit features eight different-sized see-saws, each one with its own musical “vocabulary,” demonstrated when they’re in motion. Play, glide, call on your inner child and your sense of rhythm. Looking for more winter fun to distract yourself? Why not try The New York Pass?
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The Best Attractions in Brooklyn

Aerial view of Brooklyn. Photo by Curbed NY [spacer height="20px"] Manhattan is no longer the only borough on the radar of New York City visitors. Tourists as well as Manhattanites have been migrating to the hip borough for a few years for a good reason. Brooklyn offers many great attractions, some of New York City's best restaurants, tranquil greenery and the kind of views you can only see when you actually leave Manhattan. When in New York City, do not limit yourself to the tried-and-true island of Manhattan and venture out to its cooler cousin. [spacer height="20px"] Brooklyn Botanic Garden Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Photo by Vince Young [spacer height="20px"] The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a true NYC gem. It offers tranquil green paths, beautiful flowers, lakes, a fragrance garden, a place for children to learn about plants and flowers and about the most stunning cherry trees that blossom in the spring. Brooklyn Botanic Garden is located at 990 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225 Opening hours: Tuesday–Friday: 8 a.m.–6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Closed Mondays (but open Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Columbus Day, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.) Closed Labor Day [spacer height="20px"] Brooklyn Bridge Park Brooklyn Bridge Park. Photo by Robert Harding/Getty Images [spacer height="20px"] After you make the mandatory walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, stop by the Brooklyn piers and the adjacent Brooklyn Bridge Park. This park offers the most amazing views of Downtown Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. When you stop strolling or lounging in the plush grass, there are many activities to do at the piers, including beach volleyball, soccer, multiple playgrounds, food trucks, ice cream and many more. Finish your day at Brooklyn Bridge Park by visiting Fornino at Pier 6 for a wood-fire pizza, beers and a rooftop patio with stunning views. [spacer height="20px"] Brooklyn Museum Brooklyn Museum. Photo by Mark Lennihan/AP [spacer height="20px"] The third largest museum in New York City, the Brooklyn museum boasts with a great collection of classical and modern art. The museum is located right between Brooklyn's Grand Army Plaza and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on the edge of Prospect Park. Fun fact: The sculptures on the outside of the majestic structure were designed by Daniel Chester French, the creator of the famous Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Brooklyn Museum is located at 200 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, New York 11238-6052 Opening hours: Monday: Closed Tuesday: Closed Wednesday - Sunday: 11am–6pm Coney Island Luna Park at Coney Island [spacer height="20px"] Coney Island is actually a peninsula, located at the South-East end of Brooklyn. The beach and boardwalk at Coney Island serve as a frequent setting in movies and offer some much needed r&r opportunities just a subway ride away. The beach tends to be crowded in the summer, but it's worth a visit, if you're looking for that old New York vibe. Located at Coney Island is also the famous Luna Park. The Luna Park offers awesome thrill rides and roller coasters, kiddie rides and tons of other fun attractions. While you're down there, don't forget to sample a hot dog from Nathan's. [spacer height="20px"] Bushwick Collective Bushwick Collective [spacer height="20px"] It's worth it to venture out off the beaten path into Bushwick. The industrial-looking neighborhood exudes a classic Brooklyn attitude and is full of some of the best street art in New York City. The Bushwick Collective is a non-profit outdoor gallery of graffiti and street art, preserving the cultural integrity of the neighborhood and its vibrant history of self-expression. You can wonder around Bushwick by yourself and then visit the trendy Williamsburg for a bite, or you can take a guided Alternative Street Art tour with Inside Out Tours (included in New York Pass). To see the street art in Bushwick walk around Troutman Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue. [spacer height="20px"] Prospect Park Prospect Park Lake [spacer height="20px"] Central Park's smaller sister is located in the heart of Brooklyn, surrounded by the Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and lots of lovely residential neighborhoods. The 585 acre park was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead and includes spacious lawns, bushy walkways and refreshing lakes for the perfect afternoon getaway. When inside Prospect Park, you can get lost and feel like you're in the woods, fully escaping the busy nature of the city that surrounds it. In the Summer, Prospect Park hosts the famed food market, Smorgasburg every Sunday. In the Winter, the LeFrak Center in Prospect park serves as an outdoor ice-skating rink.
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