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Every week, we take closer look at one of the New York Pass attraction, big or small. This week we bring you Museum of Sex, New York City's spiciest cultural institution. [caption id="attachment_787" align="aligncenter" width="2015"]

Museum of Sex[/caption] [spacer height="20px"] Museum of Sex is one of New York City's most risque museums, you certainly won't find any Monet here. Instead the museum brings you an in depth look at the history, science and the sometimes bizarre and shocking nature of sex. The museum boasts with interactive exhibits, lots of fun, hand-on toys and gadgets, as well ah hundreds of blush-inducing images and videos. You can see everything from informative exhibits about animal sex, the history of sex and eroticism, or you can have some fun at the Funland and the bouncy breast castle. Finish your visit by shopping at the infamous gift shop unlike any other in the city. Visit Museum of Sex for free with your New York Pass. [spacer height="20px"] Address: 233 Fifth Avenue at 27th Street, New York Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm (last entry at 8pm) Friday & Saturday: 11am – 11pm (last entry at 10pm) Closed Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.

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Aerial view of Central Park, New York.

Things to do in Central Park New York

Central Park is the largest green space in Manhattan, attracting millions of visitors each year. Situated in the heart of the city, this public park serves as a meeting area for visitors and locals alike and stands as an emblem of New York City culture. Whether you’re looking to catch a rowboat on the lake, visit your favorite furry friends at the zoo, or watch classical theater in the great outdoors, you’ll find plenty of reasons to love this urban oasis. So, if you’re thinking about exploring this area of the city, have a read through our comprehensive list of things to do whilst you’re there! Hit the Classics One of our favorite things to do in Central Park is taking a horse-and-carriage tour. A classic New York activity and total crowd-pleaser, the carriage rides at Central Park provide a great way to get to know the city. Along the way, you’ll pass by famous landmarks, beautiful greenery and movie sites. In addition, your tour guide will take you through the unique history, culture and architecture which makes New York New York. Don’t forget to bring your phone so you can capture the magnificent towering structures and interesting statues! To appreciate the natural beauty of the park in all its glory, head over to the Conservatory Garden. Since its opening in 1937, the enclosure has been delighting visitors and locals alike with its spectacular floral displays and gleaming water lily ponds. The garden is made up of three areas, each with a distinct design: the French-style North Garden, the Italianate Center Garden, and the English-style South Garden. Take your time exploring and stop to check out the Vanderbilt Gate and Untermeyer Fountain. Those travelling with family might want to check out Central Park Zoo. Since its opening in 1864, the institute has grown to become one of the most popular destinations of its kind in the city. Situated at the southeast corner of the park, the zoo seeks to provide an engaging and educational experience, with a focus on the restoration of endangered species populations. Upon entrance, you’ll be able to view over 130 species of animals and learn more about where they come from. Before you go, make sure that you check the schedule for penguin and sea lion feedings! Take in the Views Though Central Park is recognized as one of New York’s most beloved outdoor attractions, it’s home to many impressive and unique architectural marvels. Located at Vista Rock, Belvedere Castle is a total must-see for architecture buffs and history geeks alike. Visitors can take tours to view its stunning interiors, as well as an expansive collection of historic artefacts. In addition, this beautiful folly grants stunning views of Turtle Pond and Great Lawn, the Ramble, and the bordering cityscape. See Central Park from a whole new perspective with the next item on our list. From April through to November, visitors can catch a rowboat to admire some of the park’s most picturesque sights. On the ride, you’ll be able to get a closeup of the gorgeous greenery, birds and butterflies, all flourishing in this unique manmade living system. Afterwards, why not grab a bite at the Loeb Boathouse restaurant whilst admiring the beautiful scenery? We couldn’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon! If you’re visiting New York in the springtime, you might want to check out the cherry blossom trees, which should be in full bloom around this time of the year. The best place for cherry blossom peeping runs from 72nd street right through to 96th street, with the biggest clusters around the Reservoir, Cherry Hill and Pilgrim Hill. Try Something New After a long day of exploring, you’ll probably need to stop for some sustenance. Luckily for you, Central Park’s culinary offerings are next to none. Nestled in a quiet idyllic setting, Tavern on the Green serves as the perfect spot for visitors to enjoy a bite whilst taking in those captivating views. But what supports the restaurant’s popularity is the delicious food: grilled lobster and sweet pea risotto, roasted garlic shrimp, and oysters with Asian pear mignonette sauce. With its warm atmosphere, beautiful décor, and breathtaking scenery, this place is well worth the stop. Central Park isn’t just a pretty face; in fact, it serves as a host to a wide variety of interesting and exciting activities. All throughout the summertime, Shakespeare in the Park works to bring first-class productions to a broad audience. Presenting classical theater against the wondrous backdrop of Central Park, this longstanding tradition provides a unique cultural experience to remember. A thoroughly remarkable and captivating experience, this one should be in everyone’s itineraries! Another one of our favorite events held in Central Park is the New York Philharmonic. Each year, the event brings people together from all walks of life to enjoy live classical music right in the heart of the city. Whether you’re a classic music maestro or a casual listener, the experience of one of America's most revered symphony orchestras playing against the backdrop of the starry night sky is a magical experience you won’t want to miss out on. We recommend taking your own food and drink, as well as a waterproof liner to sit on, since there is no official seating. As one of the top New York attractions, Central Park perfectly embodies the city with its bustling atmosphere, historic architecture, and picturesque landscapes as far as the eye can see. The area itself is home to some one-of-a-kind structures, hidden treasures, and exciting activities which can be enjoyed all year round. In addition, you can find seasonal events and programs which are sure to blow your mind. During the springtime, check out the cherry blossom trees, and in the height of summer, enjoy classic music under the sparkling night sky. To make the best out of your vacation, check out the New York Pass. For more information, connect with us on Instagram.
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Oktoberfest NYC: Your Guide To The Night

Oktoberfest started back in 1810, when Bavarian Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Her name was so long that people despaired, drinking hideous amounts of beer. Not really. They were simply celebrating the wedding. Alongside the beer consumption, they also danced, ate traditional Bavarian cuisine, donned their best lederhosen, and danced around for 3 days. In the US, we celebrate from September through to October because October can be quite cold. And if your precious constitution can't take a bit of October chill, you can still get involved. And where better to spend Oktoberfest than NYC, the (at times) coldest city on Earth (at least it feels like it)? So now that you're caught up, you'll be wanting to know when and where you can party. Never fear, our guide to Oktoberfest NYC is just a scroll away. Eyes down, bottoms up, and make this Oktoberfest the best Oktoberfest you could possibly imagine. OktoberFest New York South Street And we start with, well, an entire, month-long festival dedicated to Oktoberfest. If you want an authentic Oktoberfest, definitely check out OktoberFest. Expect all of the traditional German beer your stomach can hold, authentic food (lots of sausage and pretzels, you know the drill), and masskrugstemmen: stein-holding contests, to the uninitiated. Alongside these, expect some very American games with a Bavarian twist. Volley pong, corn-in-the-hole, and ping pong are all there to be played. There's also music if the beer inclines you to strut your stuff. Best of all, entry is free. Not the beer, sadly. Standard steins should set you back about ten bucks. Not too bad for New York. Don't know what that says about our fair city, but you roll with the punches kiddo. Munich on the East River Zum Schneider New York's first original Bavarian Bierhaus welcomes you to a week of de-beer-auchery in the East Village. For the last few years they've been celebrating Oktoberfest in style. They erect a huge tent with original Bavarian furniture, an Oompah band stage, and even VIP seating if you want to feel extra special on the big day. There will be beer. Lots of beer. HB Traunstein Festbier and Andechs Festbier, both exclusive to Zum Schneider in New York, will of course be overflowing in Masskrugen (1 litre steins). But if for some reason you want to celebrate sans beer (Prince Ludwig will be spinning in his grave), they also have wines, ciders, and bottled water. Gross. Who celebrates such a beery time with water? Don't even think about it. Staten Island Oktoberfest Richmond Wanna drink copious amounts of beer while helping a good cause? Of course you do, sinner. Get some soulful brownie points at the Staten Island Oktoberfest, which supports the country's heroes. It's only ten bucks to get in, which also gets you a free drink. And feel free to buy as much food and drink while you're there, as all proceeds go to Veterans In Need. Staten Island Oktoberfest also styles itself as a family-friendly affair, so those of you with little munchkins will find lots to do. There's a bouncy house, rides, and other entertainment to keep them busy while you celebrate the day in a more over-21 way. Bohemian Beer Hall Oktoberfest Party and Scavenger Hunt Astoria If you want to add a little spice to your beer-drinking, head over to the legendary Bohemian Beer Hall for a different kind of Oktoberfest in NYC. With a good old fashioned scavenger hunt! Everyone's split into team of 3-5 people, and then you're off, solving clues and all the rest. After 45 minutes, you can get your precious beer, a bite to eat, and wait to see who won what. After the winners are announced, and you inevitably claim first prize, you can continue the merriment with live music and other assorted entertainment for the rest of the afternoon. Plus beer. Obviously, there will be more beer. Calm down, fiend. You'll get your beer. Bangtoberfest Williamsburg If you want to celebrate Oktoberfest in NYC a little less authentically, why not go to a dance party of the more modern variety? It starts at 9am, and the bar is free til 11am. So, get there early and get ready for a heavy one. Costumes are recommended. Take that how you will. And the even ends at a reasonable 4pm, so if you have work the next day you've got plenty of time to sleep it off. Or do a duvet day and stay in bed all day, feeling sorry for yourself. Flashbacks of your terrible dancing and wardrobe malfunctions might be more than enough to call in sick. And why not play some video games set in the Big Apple while you're recovering? Them's our picks for the best things to do for Oktoberfest in NYC. Any other events tickling your fancy, or did these pique your interest? Let us know below, and have a good one.
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5 Gourmet Coffee Houses You've Never Heard Of

Coffee and New York go together like you and this blog. A match made in heaven. The most bleary-eyed of us seek coffee's sweet, soothing sensation every Monday morning. It makes your job bearable, let's be honest. But if you want a more authentic experience than the high-street offerings, where do you go? Where's the best? Well, whether you're visiting New York, or simply don't have time to go to every coffee house, you'll find the sweet, soothing sensation of this blog hits the spot. Here are 5 gourmet coffee houses you've never heard of. Sweetleaf Jackson Avenue, Queens The original Sweetleaf opened way back in 2008. Their goal? To create the best espresso bar imaginable. Their humble shop has tripled in size since then, and they've added three additional locations too. Still, it's a hidden treat that many New Yorkers aren't familiar with. With a focus on the perfect espresso spot, expect real top gourmet coffee across the board. Sugar-loaded milkshakes masquerading as coffees are off the menu. Their beans are roasted right here in the Big Apple, so expect some bite to your brew. Those who are looking for a break from the office, or travelers planning their next stop can also benefit from the free wi-fi. And for all you call analog kids, they've got a record room replete with turntable and a collection bigger than yours. Go check them out before they grow further and become a mainstay of the NYC coffee scene. They even have their own merch, if you wanna show off to your less-learned friends. Image courtesy of Happy Bones Broome Street, Little Italy Happy Bones have a burgeoning reputation for the best coffee you've never had. This stems from the owners, both from New Zealand. See, NZ has nearly 20 years of growing espresso culture behind them. They had to bring their excellent coffee to New York, and here we are. Happy Bones had an explosion on Instagram thanks to their uniquely designed leopard-print spoons. So much so, that people started stealing them to sell on eBay. The lengths we go to for gram. Taking this newfound fame in its stride, Happy Bones have started to sell these spoons, and an assortment of other HB merch, on their website. But good luck getting any, because they sell out fast. Enough of the gram. What of the coffee? Expect excellent espresso poured by the best baristas. What more do you need? Sweatshop Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn Another coffee house with a foreign twist, this time from Down Under. But what does that mean? Well, it means that alongside some great gourmet coffee and a design studio out the back, you can purchase a supremely Australian Vegemite and cheese toastie. That's...well, it's certainly something. But you aren't likely to find many more places in New York with that on the menu. So gram away, you social media slave. They even have a citric twist on the iced coffee. Their 'Sparky', gotta love the name, pairs a delicious iced coffee with tonic water and lime. That's two gin shots away from being a late-night pick-me-up. It'll also surely hit the spot during the warmer, sunnier days. And if you're feeling generous, there's also merch on offer. Because of course there is. Blind Barber 10th Street, East Village Fusion shops are all the rage these days. On your way to pick up groceries? How about a shop that sells pianos too. Head over to Gin and Tents (G&T's see what we did there so clever) to get drunk and then sleep it off. Blind Barber goes for a more efficient combo. They're a barbershop, as the name suggests, that also sell coffee. Get there early to look and feel fly before you roll into work. Even as the tasks in your inbox add up, you'll catch reflections of your new-fly-self every so often. And that's what the working day is all about. So go grab a coffee, get a trim, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. It never sleeps, after all. Weekends are a no-laptop zone, and they also sell beer and cocktails. So your new coffee spot might become your new weekend hang-out spot. Delightful. Two Hands Mott Street, Nolita Another Australian run joint in New York. This charming, community-focused cafe has an interesting menu, and laid-back atmosphere similar to the Aussie beachside. You'll come for the coffee but likely stay for the mouth-watering menu. Croissants and acai bowls are complemented by bigger dishes like burgers, and even a build-your-own breakfast bar. No matter what time of day you stop by, Two Hands has got enough to fill your two hands. And your mouth. And your stomach. What more could you want? And that there is 5 gourmet coffee houses you've never heard of. Probably. We miss any? Let us know in the comments below. And if you want the perfect partner to your gourmet coffee experience, why not ponder some thought-provoking art at the best museums in NYC?
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