Marvel & DC Superheroes Tour

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Marvel and DC Tour
Marvel and DC Tour
Marvel and DC Tour
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What you'll do

Discover lore, the landmarks and the legacy behind your favorite comic book characters - an unmissable tour for comic book fans and superhero fanatics alike.

Enjoy a Marvel & DC Superheroes Tour with The New York Pass®

  • Learn about the history of the Marvel and DC universe on this two-hour walking tour
  • Visit the spots where the hit movies were filmed
  • Visit famous NYC landmarks that are linked to iconic comic book moments, such as the Grand Central Terminal and the United Nations building

Comic book fans assemble - this tour delivers an origin story like no other. Uncover the legends that make up the rival Marvel & DC universes. Check out the sites where hit superhero movies were filmed. And see where writers and artists created the characters that inspired countless generations. There’ll be many chances to spot iconic New York City landmarks while strolling down Publisher’s Row.

And what the tour guide doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing. This comic book expert will lead you on a superhero tour around well-known – and lesser-known – places featured in popular comics and movies while explaining their significance to key plot lines, revealing the history of the most prominent characters from the first issue to now. By the end, you’ll know the characters so well that you may know exactly where to look to see Superman soaring above the real-life Daily Planet.

Pose for photos and immortalize the excitement from the perfect superhero experience on this awesome DC Comics and Marvel tour of New York.

Marvel Studios Tour in New York- An Unforgettable Experience

Marvel Studios has ignited the imagination of comic book enthusiasts and moviegoers alike with its iconic and unforgettable characters. The vibrant city of New York has been an integral part of the Marvel Universe, and now, fans have the exclusive opportunity to embark on a thrilling Marvel Studios tour that takes them behind the scenes of this captivating world. This immersive experience begins at the historic Marvel Cinematic Headquarters, where visitors can marvel at the rich legacy of the studio that has brought countless heroes to life.

As the tour proceeds, enthusiastic guides narrate enthralling stories of how New York's iconic landmarks have been transformed into the backdrop of epic battles and heroic adventures. From the bustling streets of Midtown Manhattan to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, participants can retrace the footsteps of their favorite heroes, like Spider-Man and Iron Man, and truly feel like they have entered the world of Marvel. Along the way, the tour includes a visit to the jaw-dropping Marvel Studios Prop Warehouse, where visitors can admire an incredible collection of genuine movie props, costumes, and set pieces.


The Marvel Studios tour also offers an exclusive opportunity to explore the creative process behind the scenes, from concept art to the cutting-edge technology that brings characters to life on the big screen. Guests can even test their own superhero skills through interactive exhibits, perfect for both young and old fans. As the tour concludes, visitors are left with a newfound appreciation for the incredible artistry and imagination that goes into crafting the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making this New York experience truly unforgettable.

Know before you go

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Booking required

This attraction requires advanced booking.

Getting in: upon arriving for the tour, please present your pass to the tour guide for scanning.


Marvel & DC Superheroes Tours tickets help

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Q. What locations are included in the Marvel & DC Superheroes Tour New York?
A. The tour covers iconic locations from both Marvel and DC comics, including the Daily Bugle building, Avengers Tower, the New York Sanctum Sanctorum, the Wayne Enterprises building, and the Metropolis skyline backdrop. Additionally, you'll visit real-life filming locations for popular superhero movies and TV shows.

Q. How long is the Marvel & DC Superheroes Tour, and what is the mode of transportation?
A. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours. Please wear comfortable walking shoes as this is a walking tour. 

Q. Are there any age restrictions for the Marvel & DC Superheroes Tour?
A. There are no specific age restrictions for the tour, making it suitable for all ages. However, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, and all participants should be able to walk moderate distances during the tour stops.

Q. Can I take photos during the Marvel & DC Superheroes Tour?
A. Yes, photography is encouraged during the tour! You'll have the opportunity to take photos at each stop, capturing memories of the iconic superhero locations. However, please be respectful of any private properties or restricted areas.

Q. Are there any special guests or experiences during the tour?
A. While we cannot guarantee the appearance of special guests on every tour, we occasionally have local comic book artists, actors, or experts join us to share their insights and experiences. Additionally, the tour often features exclusive behind-the-scenes content and trivia to enhance your experience.

Q. Is the Marvel & DC Superheroes Tour wheelchair accessible?
A. Yes, the tour is wheelchair accessible. However, please notify us in advance if you require any special accommodations so that we can ensure your experience is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

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Marvel & DC Superheroes Tour

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