5 Gourmet Coffee Houses You've Never Heard Of

Coffee and New York go together like you and this blog. A match made in heaven. The most bleary-eyed of us seek coffee's sweet, soothing sensation every Monday morning. It makes your job bearable, let's be honest. But if you want a more authentic experience than the high-street offerings, where do you go? Where's the best? Well, whether you're visiting New York, or simply don't have time to go to every coffee house, you'll find the sweet, soothing sensation of this blog hits the spot. Here are 5 gourmet coffee houses you've never heard of.


Jackson Avenue, Queens

The original Sweetleaf opened way back in 2008. Their goal? To create the best espresso bar imaginable. Their humble shop has tripled in size since then, and they've added three additional locations too. Still, it's a hidden treat that many New Yorkers aren't familiar with. With a focus on the perfect espresso spot, expect real top gourmet coffee across the board. Sugar-loaded milkshakes masquerading as coffees are off the menu.

Their beans are roasted right here in the Big Apple, so expect some bite to your brew. Those who are looking for a break from the office, or travelers planning their next stop can also benefit from the free wi-fi. And for all you call analog kids, they've got a record room replete with turntable and a collection bigger than yours. Go check them out before they grow further and become a mainstay of the NYC coffee scene. They even have their own merch, if you wanna show off to your less-learned friends.

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Happy Bones

Broome Street, Little Italy

Happy Bones have a burgeoning reputation for the best coffee you've never had. This stems from the owners, both from New Zealand. See, NZ has nearly 20 years of growing espresso culture behind them. They had to bring their excellent coffee to New York, and here we are.

Happy Bones had an explosion on Instagram thanks to their uniquely designed leopard-print spoons. So much so, that people started stealing them to sell on eBay. The lengths we go to for gram. Taking this newfound fame in its stride, Happy Bones have started to sell these spoons, and an assortment of other HB merch, on their website. But good luck getting any, because they sell out fast. Enough of the gram. What of the coffee? Expect excellent espresso poured by the best baristas. What more do you need?


Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn

Another coffee house with a foreign twist, this time from Down Under. But what does that mean? Well, it means that alongside some great gourmet coffee and a design studio out the back, you can purchase a supremely Australian Vegemite and cheese toastie. That's...well, it's certainly something. But you aren't likely to find many more places in New York with that on the menu. So gram away, you social media slave.

They even have a citric twist on the iced coffee. Their 'Sparky', gotta love the name, pairs a delicious iced coffee with tonic water and lime. That's two gin shots away from being a late-night pick-me-up. It'll also surely hit the spot during the warmer, sunnier days. And if you're feeling generous, there's also merch on offer. Because of course there is.

Blind Barber

10th Street, East Village

Fusion shops are all the rage these days. On your way to pick up groceries? How about a shop that sells pianos too. Head over to Gin and Tents (G&T's see what we did there so clever) to get drunk and then sleep it off. Blind Barber goes for a more efficient combo. They're a barbershop, as the name suggests, that also sell coffee. Get there early to look and feel fly before you roll into work. Even as the tasks in your inbox add up, you'll catch reflections of your new-fly-self every so often. And that's what the working day is all about.

So go grab a coffee, get a trim, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. It never sleeps, after all. Weekends are a no-laptop zone, and they also sell beer and cocktails. So your new coffee spot might become your new weekend hang-out spot. Delightful.

Two Hands

Mott Street, Nolita

Another Australian run joint in New York. This charming, community-focused cafe has an interesting menu, and laid-back atmosphere similar to the Aussie beachside. You'll come for the coffee but likely stay for the mouth-watering menu.

Croissants and acai bowls are complemented by bigger dishes like burgers, and even a build-your-own breakfast bar. No matter what time of day you stop by, Two Hands has got enough to fill your two hands. And your mouth. And your stomach. What more could you want?

And that there is 5 gourmet coffee houses you've never heard of. Probably. We miss any? Let us know in the comments below. And if you want the perfect partner to your gourmet coffee experience, why not ponder some thought-provoking art at the best museums in NYC?

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